Renforcer les capacités pour le Développement International !


Professionals use four main Results-Based Management (RBM) working tools to design and assess international development projects and programmes. Using these tools makes managing for results throughout the entire life-cycle of an investment or project easier for staff, partners and executing agencies, such as: 

  • Logic Framework (LF) and Risk Assessment (RA), including 
    Performance Measurement (PM);
  • Costing Tables by year of implementation (Costab Y);
  • Budget by Expenditure Account (Costab A).

All those tools will bw available in a unique soft : RMB CosTab

Logical Framework Model (LFM)

-       RBM CosTab tool is crucial when it’s time to identify the chain of effects such as: impacts, Outcomes, Outputs, Activities.

-       RBM CosTab is also helping to identify the necessary Sub-Activities if necessary.

-       RBM CosTab is very powerful in making the linkage between Means and Results at any level. In few clics, you can visualyze the chain of effects and the needed resources.

-       RBM CosTab help you to make sure that all the resources and activities are contributing to achieve the expected Results.

Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)

-       RBM CosTab helps in identifying SMART indicators and specifying source of verification.

-       RBM CosTab tool is helpful to build a pertinent M&E system.

-       RBM CosTab includes the identification of baselines and targets for each results and/or activity.

Costing Tables (Costab A and Y)

-       RBM CosTab tool is very powerful in estimating Investment and Recurrent Costs. (Costab A)

-       RBM CostTab tool integrate up to four contingencies such as Inflation, Exchange, Physical contingencies and more. (Costab A and Y)

-       RBM Costab tool uses Local and USD currencies as well. The software helps in using specific Annual Exchange Rates. (Costab y and A)

-       In addition to the costing process RBM CosTab helps in identifying over 12 budget categories such as Trainings, Salaries, Services, Transportation, Maintenance etc. (Costab A)

-       RBM CosTab is useful to identify the Cash-flow needs on a yearly basis avoiding undesirable situations during the implementation step. (Costab Y)

Risk Assessment Register (RA)

-       RBM CosTab tool helps to identify nature and source of risks, identifying attenuation dispositions.